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Meet your host

Hi there! My name is Paige, and I am absolutely honored to be able to provide such a nourishing, private space for you to come and relax.

I feel very passionate about bringing awareness to the importance of wellness, and Temple of Eden Dome Retreat gives me a chance to promote just that.

Our culture has become SO busy and out of touch with the laws of nature.

I created this stress-free retreat for you to come and harmoniously experience the natural world.

I invite you to gift yourself the opportunity to re-connect to self, and book a stay!

Temple of Eden Dome Retreat is open cyclically. You will be able to experience the everchanging colors of the trees and Earth year-round, as each season passes by.

The intention behind why I chose the name

Hello Fall (3).png


Temple of Eden Dome Retreat offers you an opportunity to indulge in hot & cold therapy. 

Improve your mental, physical & spiritual health by cycling between our wood-fired hot tub, cold shower & rest periods.

Partaking in the full thermal experience will have you in a state of deep relaxation, benefiting for days to follow.

Short-Term Benefits:
Encourages better sleep
Stimulates the immune system
Improves blood circulation
Reduces accumulated stress and tension
Improves memory and mental alertness
Creates peace of mind

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