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Inside of each dome you will find a Temple of Eden guidebook on the kitchen counter. Below you will read the information that can be found within each guidebook.



Check In Time: 4:00 PM on day of arrival.

Check Out Time: 11:00 AM on day of departure.


Quiet time – we kindly ask that you keep all volumes to a minimum after 10:00 PM.


Call or text 902-694-6709, or email with any questions or concerns during your stay.


There are no walking trails developed yet – please stay within the grounds of your own dome site.

The concrete floors have in-floor heat, but it still might be a good idea for you to pack some slippers :)

Fires are Nova Scotia fire ban depending – there will be a notice on your kitchen counter if there is a fire ban.


The “Yogasleep” Sound Machine has a Bluetooth option for you to connect your music to. It’s the button to the left of the middle power button.


There’s no wifi on site yet – let us know if you vote yes or no to wifi.



Please read and sign the waiver form provided.


A reminder that this is camping, and all seasons, weather, uneven terrain, and wildlife have the potential of being present here.


The domes in general were built to be rustic, earthy, and eccentric – please be mindful of your surroundings. You’ll find that there was rough lumber used throughout, as well as all the shale rock masonry work. Watch your step in the shower with the mosaic tiling.


Be aware of potential slippery ice forming on the stairs, driveway, and pathways in the winter months.


Use all amenities safely and with your own discretion.


Please keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.


Please note that there is a fire extinguisher located in the kitchen, behind the orange curtain.


The smoke & carbon monoxide detector is on the very topside of the kitchen wall.


The first aid kit can be found under the kitchen sink.


Propane Fireplace

On the back righthand side of the propane fireplace, you will find the controls.


What you need to know about the controls:

-The on/off switch is located to the far right

-The flame intensity is located to the far left

-No need to touch the pilot switch in the middle


Feel free to sleep with it on all night.


It gets quite hot – be mindful not to touch any part of it except for the controls.

In-Floor Heat

There is a thermostat located on the wall of the kitchen.

Without touching it, the number displayed on the screen is the current measurement of heat in the dome.

Using the up/down buttons on the bottom right-hand side, you can control what you’d like to set the in-floor heat to.



The controls are straight forward on the top of it.


There is a “cool” mode, a “dry” mode for the dehumidifier, and a “fan” mode.


The air conditioner hoses are not hooked up in the winter months.



In the kitchen you will find a mini fridge with freezer, toaster oven, single induction burner, pots, pans, strainer, cutting board, dishes, cups, oven mitt, measuring cup, utensils, cooking spoons, can opener, scissors, wine opener, tongs, and more.


There is salt, pepper, olive oil, chilli flakes, tea, coffee, and sugar provided for you during your stay.


The tap water is safe to drink, fresh from the well.


Under the sink there is a garbage, compost, and recycling bin, as well as a roll of paper towel, and a dish drying tray.



In the bathroom you will find towels, a hand towel, face cloths, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap.


Please take your time coming in and out of the shower – the mosaic on the floor can be sharp if you stub your toe, and it can get slippery on the floor from the water.


The shower tap can be turned on simply by turning it to the left, not pulling it out.


Please refrain from flushing anything but toilet paper down the toilet. There is a garbage can provided for anything else.


There are plenty of plug outlets available for hair care appliances.

The Hot Water tank can provide roughly 15-minute showers at a time, but then you must wait for it to fill back up again.



The hot tub requires a fire to heat up – it is completely off grid.


It will be heated prior to your arrival.


The water will sometimes have a reddish tinge – this is caused by a natural leaching process from the cedar wood that the tub is made of, and is completely safe, although has the potential to stain white bathing suits. The water is also sanitized with chlorine and bromine.


Utilize the railing and watch your step on the way into the tub.


When you pick up the black hot tub fireplace lid, you will notice there are little hooks on the bottom. You can use the hooks to hang it off the side of the fireplace to keep the lid open while you tend to the fire.


To heat it up: add wood to existing fire or start a new fire in the stove compartment by following the steps in the next section. Leave the red hot tub cover on if you want to keep it hot.


To cool it down: take OFF the red cover and/or add cold water using the metal bucket provided & using the large paddle to stir it, making sure to reach the paddle down as far as possible. Keep testing it until desired temperature is reached.


The red hot tub cover can be removed by sliding it towards you and leaning it up against the wall of the gazebo. Be careful not to let it touch any part of the wood stove compartment.


Keep both the red hot tub cover and the black fireplace lid on when not in use.



Check the temperature of the water after stirring it with the large paddle – building a fire is only necessary when the water is cooler than what you want it to be.

It can be tricky to get this fire started, but don’t worry – there are a few tricks to help.


Please be cautious not to touch ANY part of the metal hot tub fireplace other than the black lid handle.



-Place 2 hardwood logs staggered at the bottom of the fireplace with a small piece of lightly crumpled brown paper in between each one.

-Put in some lightly crumpled brown paper, then stack 3-4 layers of small broken pieces of kindling crisscrossing (repeat this step twice)

-Light up the paper with the lighter (can be found in the basket with brown paper).

-Don’t be startled if the flames seem quite high – it will burn down fairly quickly.

-Add paper or kindling as needed.

-Wait until those original two pieces of hardwood are going good before adding more hardwood.

-Keep the lid off the fireplace until this point, you don’t want to choke out the fire.


Make sure you leave the red hot tub cover on to heat it up. Use the large paddle to stir the water vigorously to distribute the heat & regulate the temperature, reaching as far down as you can with the paddle. The water is colder at the bottom of the tub as it heats, so it’s important to stir it.


Utilize the draft on the fireplace - Once the fire is going nice and hot, put the black cover lid on partway. You will notice that you can slide it to the left to open the draft and slide it to the right to fully close it.



The barbeque is located under a lean-to roof that’s attached to the front of the gazebo.


*No lighter required to turn it on.


To operate:

-Turn the silver valve on top of the propane tank a few times to the left to open it.

-Switch the grill knobs on the BBQ to high heat.

-Hold in the pilot light button for a few seconds (located to the far left of the BBQ with flame symbol).

-Adjust heat/flame accordingly.



Please remember to turn off all BBQ knobs, and close the silver propane tank valve when done by turning it to the right.




This fire is meant to be kept small and as an added ambient feature to the gazebo.


This fireplace works best using a teepee of brown paper and cedar kindling to start it, and the cedar kindling to maintain and feed it.


The hard wood should only be used if the fire is going good and hot after a period of time.


It is recommended that folks with respiratory sensitivities opt to use the outdoor firepit instead – as it has the potential to make it quite smoky in the gazebo.


Gloves are provided for opening and closing the black metal door to the fireplace.




Down the back stairs of the gazebo, you will find a rock path that leads you to an outdoor firepit with a bench!


Feel free to light a fire with the wood provided and enjoy this cozy nook.


Keep aware of the many trees surrounding – it is your responsibility to keep the fire at a safe size.


Roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs could be a fun idea. And if you brought your cast iron pan, it makes for a great cooking spot.



Text or call 902-694-6709, or email if you would like to purchase additional wood and kindling.


You can do so by cash or e-transfer, and it will be delivered to your gazebo door.


It is $10 per bundle.




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