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Exclusive Services

Contact Now to get a free quote on any of the services offered to Amherst NS and surrounding areas.

Coffee Table

With the option of a rectangle or square shape - customize the size and design of your own coffee table. Wooden top, shale rock, or tile mosaic options available. (Plant stands and alters offered as well).


Large Quantity Water Delivery

We fill hot tubs, pools. or any large capacity where water is needed. 


Shale Rock Masonry Work

Now taking on small-scale masonry work. If you have any type of structure or wall-face that you'd be interested in getting these services for - reach out and we can get a quote started.


Concrete Floor Acid Wash Effect

Do you have a garage or basement with concrete floors? Instead of covering them up, think about finishing them with a cool acid wash or paint effect instead. There are many color options to choose from.

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